Automatic changeover

the changeover is used for efficient distribution of generator power in high rise apartments, homes, townships, commercial buildings, etc. without overloading the generator. It’s also switch the load to generator supply during failure of mains supplyour changeover types (2 way, 3 way, 4 way) 40 – 80 Amps with time delay function


General purpose relays are ideal to use instead of mechanical relays. The relays are used to transfer electricity for high voltage or frequency applications. We offer general purpose miniature relays with LED indication and 3 poles. It is ideal for power and sequence control, instrumentation, industrial controls and automation systems. It is highly durable and […]

CAM operated rotary switches

The offered CAM operated rotary switches are used to make or break operation in a sequential way by rotating the switch to different positions. The basic operating mechanism of Cam Switch is required to suit intended application coupled with “Quick-Make”, “Quick-Make-Quick-Break” and “Spring Return” operating mechanisms are offered to cover wide range requirements. CAM switches […]

load break switches

The offered load break switches are the finest mechanical and electrical devices. We manufacture them keeping fine quality in mind. We offer breaker control switches, isolators, double break contacts, multiple mounting options, changeover switches, DC isolators and DC changeovers. Our latest LB series of load break switches and photo voltaic switches comply with latest specifications […]