PBT masterbatch

PBT is the best material to make a loose tube for fiber. The Optical fiber cable relies on the fiber to transmit information.

Water Swellable Yarn

This yarn has good heat-resistance property. It is non-corrosive and has no acid or alkali included. With its fast water ab- sobbing speed and high tensile strength, the Star Materials Water blocking yarn is used in communication cables, optical cables, power cables or marine cables for the purpose of binding, tightening and to prevent water […]

Polypropylene (PP) Filler Yarn

We offer different grades of polypropylene filer yarn – to meet the different demands of your cables. Normal Grade is suitable for large cables and is low in price. It is used for example in power cables, aerial cables, rubber cables. High Grade is suitable for all kinds of cables with a lower unit weight […]

Ripcord (Twisted Polyester Yarn)

Ripcord is manufactured from first quality materials. Used mainly as rip & tear jacket purpose for optical and communication cables, they are very tough and have minimal shrinkage. We deliver the yarn wound under high pressure on cardboard tube, to allow the yarn to be used with high-speed servers. We can also deliver these products […]

Polyester Binder Yarn

Polyester yarns are manufactured from first quality materials. Used mainly as binder for optical cables, they have very high tenacity and minimal shrinkage. We deliver the yarn wound on cardboard tube, under high pressure to allow the yarn to be used with high-speed servers.

E-Glass Yarn

Direct roving glass yarn is made by E-glass, suitable for wrapping, extruding, weaving. The yarn surface is treated by silicone impregnating compound, is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins, and is widely used in power cable, optical cable, telecommunications cable and insulator industry.

Cable ID Tapes

The cable identification tape is a colored tape for binding and color identification purposes. We can also print letters or logos on it. The base material is PET and can resist high temperature below 230 °C and the color will not fade after extruding.

Semi-Conductive Nylon Tape

These Tapes are laminated by nylon fabric layer together with semi conductive carbon black. It can be used as separator and binder between power cable components.

Non-Woven Binder Tape

This polyester non-woven tape with the plain and smooth surface comes with high strength properties, light unit weight, Iow thickness, good softness, sulphide-resistance and is suitable for wrapping and binding all kinds of cables such as power cable, control cable, communication cable,

LSHF FR Woven Fiberglass Tapes

The LSHF Flame Retardant fiberglass woven tape resists flame, is environmentally friendly and free from asbestos. It is mainly applied to XLPE, PVC, marine cable and flame-retardant mine cables. It can resist temperatures at around 400-500″C.