Non-Conductive Water Blocking Tape

These Tapes are laminated by polyester non-woven fabric layer and super swelling water absorbent powder. Due to the high swelling speed and excellent swelling height, it can easily block water and moisture to protect the cable.

Pure Copper Tape

Our pure copper tape is used in areas such as armoring of the cables, communication cables but also in other areas such as lead frames, connectors and oscillation reeds, mobile phone main boards, lithium-ion battery lamination and many more.

Aluminum Polyester Aluminum Tape

The Aluminum Polyester Tape (AL/PET/AL or ALU/PETIALU), Occasionally also called “Double Sided Aluminum Polyester Tape. It is widely used in different communication cables for example: data cables, coaxial cables, LAN cables, signal cables, etc.

Aluminum Polyester Tape

The Aluminum Polyester Tape (ALPET or ALU/PET), is one of our best-selling products and is used as a shielding foil for cables which must be free of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference.

Polyester (PET) Tappe

The Polyester Tape (also typically called PET or Mylar tape), is a transparent film, which has good tensile strength and good heat resistance attributes.